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News and Events

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2009 News and Events


  • American Heart AssociationDr. Fan Yang was awarded a National Scientist Development Grant from American Heart Association!This award provides a 4-year grant to support highly promising scientists in their progress to pursue highly innovative work with significant impacts in cardiovascular research.
  • Welcome Christine Ensley to join the group!
  • Welcome Anusuya Ramasubramanian to join the group!


  • PNASWelcome Vivian Zhang to join the group as our lab manager!
  • Dr. Fan Yang gave a talk at the 2009 annual Biomedical Engineering Society Conference.
  • Dr. Yang's paper on genetic engineering of stem cells for angiogenesis comes out in PNAS this week.
  • Welcome Lorenzo Deveza to join the group!


  • Welcome Jo-Ann Deasis to join the group!
  • Dr. Fan Yang was invited to give a talk at the 2009 annual International Systems Biology Conference.
  • Yang lab renovation is completed!
  • Positions Open: We are currently looking for outstanding and highly motivated people to join our lab!


  • Lab construction is under way!
  • Welcome to Yang Research Group!
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