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News and Events

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2010 News and Events


  • Welcome Janice Lai, Shaheen Jeeawoody and Jeffrey Choi to join the Yang lab!


  • Dr. Yang received the Bio-X Interdisciplinary Initiative Award to develop biodegradable and bioactive gene delivery depot for treating avascular bone necrosis. The Bio-X Interdisciplinary Initiatives Program represents a key Stanford initiative to address challenges in human health, acting in concert with other interdisciplinary grantmaking programs across The Stanford Challenge. The IIP awards provide seed funding for highrisk, high-reward, collaborative projects across the university, and have been highly successful in fostering transformative research.
  • Welcome Melina Mathur and Ruby Lee to join the Yang lab!


  • Michelle presented her work at the BioX Symposium poster session!
  • Sheila and Galym presented their work at the HB-REX poster session!
  • Kathryn Daniels presented her summer project at NIH STEP-UP conference in Atlanta Georgia this week!


  • Dr. Yang's paper on MSC differentiation on 3D woven scaffolds came out in Tissue Engineering!
  • Dr. Yang's paper on combinatorial matrices for directing stem cell differentiation came out in Biomacromolecules!
  • Yang Group had our first lab outing thanks to Sheila's efforts! We had fun tie-dying t-shirts and picnic at the beautiful sculpture garden of Cantor Art Museum. Thanks Sheila!
  • Dr. Leo Han from UT Austin join the group as a postdoctoral fellow! Welcome Leo!
  • Welcome Chang Liu join Yang Lab as a summer exchange student between Tsinghua University (Beijing, China) and Stanford!


  • Welcome Kathryn Daniels to join Yang Lab for summer research as a NIH STEP-UP program fellow!
  • Welcome Dr. Michael Keeney to join the group as a postdoctoral fellow!
  • Michelle Nii has been awarded the Bio-X Summer Undergraduate Research Award. Congratulations Michelle!


  • Dr. Yang is selected by the Donald E. and Delia B. Baxter Foundation Board of Trustees as one of two 2010 Baxter Faculty Scholar award recipients! This highly competitive award provides funding to support high-impact research with translational potential to move "from bench to bedside".
  • Stacey Shiigi, a first year Bioengineering Ph.D. student join the lab for rotation. Welcome Stacey!
  • Both Michelle and Anusuya have been awarded the competitive VPUE Major Grant to support their research in Yang Lab! Congratulations Michelle and Anusuya! Major Grants support substantial, in-depth projects that normally include a full-time summer commitment, and that demonstrate focused, intellectually rigorous perspectives on the topics at hand.


  • Welcome Patrick Benitez and Kathy Wei to join the group for PhD rotations!
  • Dr. Yang gave a talk at the annual Orthopaedic Reserach Society Conference.
  • Both Galym Imanbayev and Sheila Onyiah have been awarded funding through Human Biology Research Exploration program! Congratulations Galym and Sheila!


  • Lorenzo Deveza was awarded funding through MedScholars program! Congratulations Lorenzo!


  • Welcome Michelle Nii, Sheila Onyiah, and Galym Imanbayev to join the group!
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