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BioE260/Ortho260: Tissue Engineering

This 3-unit course addresses the principles of tissue engineering and design strategies for practical applications for tissue repair. Topics to cover include tissue components and dynamics, morphogenesis, stem cells, cellular fate processes, controlled drug and gene delivery, bioreactors, cell-materials interactions, and host integration. Towards the end of the course, students will present a research proposal to solve a real life tissue engineering problem using principles and tools learnt from the class.

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Independent Research in Yang lab

In addition to conventional classroom teaching, Prof. Yang actively mentor highly motivated students for independent research in a laboratory setting. Students (both undergraduate or graduate levels) conducting research in Yang lab are encouraged to register for courses designed for independent research:

BioE191: Bioengineering Problems and Experimental Investigation
BioE392: Directed Investigation
Ortho199: Undergraduate Research

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